One of the largest tea estates in the area, our iconic garden is nearly a century old. Managed by tea connoisseurs familiar with the best kept secrets of tea cultivation, we bring to you high quality teas that seal in the right amount of freshness and flavour that emanate from the lush lowlands of the Terai.

our story

A Century of Expertise

Established on 5th May, 1891, under the British Raj, the period in which our tea estate started operations was a sensational one – an era marked by the invention of the now iconic tea bags and iced tea. Flourishing in this very period, the Pahargoomiah tea estate has built upon its legacy – churning out batches of exquisite CTC teas that tickle the taste buds and warm the hearts of tea lovers all around.

Witnessing a shift in management in the year 2009, the Pahargoomiah estate went through a sea change, heralding a new era in its journey.


Seasoned Tea Sommeliers

Currently, run by a team of professionals with over 30 years of expertise, the Pahargoomiah estate has been enriched with the knowhow of producing world-class CTC teas that appeal to even the pickiest of connoisseurs the world over.

At Pahargoomiah, we settle for nothing less than the best - whether it's our award-winning teas or team of tea experts. Every person we have on board is a true tea enthusiast, putting in hours of toil and passion to create leaves whose zesty flavours you can relish with delight.


Recognition We’ve Earned

Our commitment to handpicking the finest CTC chai reflects in the bevy of accolades we’ve earned from famous awarding bodies and organizations.


Creating a Sustainable Future

The Pahargoomiah tea estate is a family. We feel responsible for the society and environment we work in. Therefore, taking great measures to ensure its sanctity, beauty and prosperity are preserved.

Empowering the people

We employ over 3,000 people in our tea estates, giving the indigenous tribes of the Terai region a chance to make a decent living for themselves. Empowering the natives of the region is one of our core agendas.

Free Housing, Health and
Education for all

Every labourer in our workforce has a roof over their head, providing them with the social security and peace of mind they need. Besides, to ensure the wellbeing of our workers and their families, we have established an estate-run hospital that provides primary healthcare to all. We also provide daily access to school buses for 500 children so that they can receive the precious gift of education.

Preserving the environment to create a sustainable future

The Pahargoomiah family takes active measures to preserve the environment. Areas of our estate that are not under cultivation are used for planting trees, thereby helping the flora and fauna of the region thrive. Our commitment to creating a sustainable future is evident in the Trustea Certification we have received. Trustea looks after the maintenance of safety standards and practice of sustainable tea cultivation habits in India.

Read more about the Trustea code here.

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established 5th may 1891

harvested in terai region