For eons, a cup of luxuriously rich chai has sweetened old bonds and brought flavor to new ones; has brightened bad days and made good ones even better; has cured headaches and heartaches! As true chai lovers, we believe a good creamy cuppa is the only pause you need in a life zooming ahead at breakneck speed!

Let us show you what your cup of tea is all about!

Jul 07 2020

The health benefits of a glorious cup of chai

The Crush, Tear, Curl tea or what we know as CTC chai, is not just a creamy cuppa you enjoy in the morning or evening. This delicious mug of tea is widely popular for

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Jul 10 2020

How to brew the perfect cuppa of CTC Chai

We’re sure tea lovers will heartily agree that chai is not your average beverage. It’s a lifestyle! A ritual that’s both therapeutic and arti

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established 5th may 1891

harvested in terai region