The health benefits of a glorious cup of chai

The Crush, Tear, Curl tea or what we know as CTC chai, is not just a creamy cuppa you enjoy in the morning or evening. This delicious mug of tea is widely popular for a reason that extends beyond it’s at times fruity, at times malty flavour. Originating in the verdant greens of eastern India, CTC chai is full to the brim with health benefits you can enjoy with every cup! So instead of switching to other kinds of teas in a bid to be healthier, pause and learn about what makes your favourite CTC chai just as healthy a choice as any other type of tea-


Keeps your hearth healthy and strong - CTC chai is just about the perfect cuppa for anyone who wants to keep their heart healthy and strong for years to come. Packed with antioxidants, CTC black tea considerably lowers your risk of heart disease as proven by research. In fact, some studies show that having 3 to 6 cups of black tea daily can reduce your chances of getting a heart attack by a long margin. What’s more, antioxidants present in this kind of chai prevent the oxidation of cholesterol in your body, thereby strengthening your heart.


Aids in your weight loss regime - Do you want to lose all the extra pounds? Well, one thing you certainly don’t need to quit is that daily cuppa of CTC chai. In fact, you should add it to your weight loss regime if you wish to see visible results! CTC chai blocks the absorption of fat by your cells. Which basically translates to a reduced body fat percentage and consequently weight loss. That too the right kind of it!


Improves your immune system and digestion - A quick boost to immunity is something we could all do with right now. A hot cup of chai contains several plant compounds which may help in improving your immune. Especially if you brew it with traditional herbs and roots such as holy basil and ginger. Further studies also show that black tea serves as somewhat of a prebiotic for your digestive tract. Prebiotics are compounds that help in improving your gut health by supporting the growth of the healthy bacteria that line your gut. This means better digestion. You can also have black tea to soothe tummy cramps.


May help fight cancer - Although more research needs to be carried out on this front, several independent studies still show that CTC chai can possibly have some anti-cancer effects when consumed daily. According to these studies, the compounds in black tea may prevent the growth and spread of cancerous cells. Furthermore, another study shows that having your cup of CTC chai everyday can even prevent certain types of cancers such as lung and skin cancer.


Can possibly give your brain a boost - Adding to the list of the benefits of CTC tea is the possibility of improved brain health. Yes, more research needs to be carried out here too, but early results have proven to be very promising.  Research so far shows that daily consumption of black tea can be used as a preventive measure and treatment of diseases that cause brain degeneration. The compound theaflavins present in black tea can reduce the function of enzymes that are responsible for the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.


Apart from these amazing benefits, the compounds present in CTC chai can even slow down the ageing process and reduce inflammation. So if you hadn’t had a cup yet, go ahead and treat yourself to a glorious cup of CTC chai right now to enjoy it’s health benefits!

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established 5th may 1891

harvested in terai region