How to brew the perfect cuppa of CTC Chai

We’re sure tea lovers will heartily agree that chai is not your average beverage. It’s a lifestyle! A ritual that’s both therapeutic and artistic – managing to make your day better and your relationships stronger. However, for chai to work its magic, it has to be brewed right. And contrary to what you may have heard, preparing a cup of CTC tea is quite simple actually. Just get the basics right and you’ve pretty much nailed it. In case you’re a bit lost or confused on how to get your CTC chai just right, we’ve discussed in details the steps to brewing the perfect cuppa of CTC chai below


Choosing the right CTC tea is more important than you think : Does it happen that no matter how hard you try; your cup just never tastes as good as your grand mom’s? Well, the problem might be the tealeaves you have. It’s important to pick the right CTC chai to get that amazing cuppa. As a general rule of thumb, choose artisanal orthodox tea every time as it retains its freshness.


In hot water you must brew : Almost 99% of tea is just water! Well, that number does go down if you add milk and sugar to the mix. But the fact remains – water is a significant part of tea. So if you want your CTC chai to smell and taste amazing, you must know how much water to use and the temperature at which to add the chai leaves.

Fresh water works best for tea. The quantity you need depends on the number of cups you intend to make. If you’re brewing a single cup, approx. 220ml of water will do. Bring the water to boil at a 100 degree Celsius before adding the tealeaves. Once you’ve added the tealeaves, let them brew for around 3 to 5 minutes on a low flame.

Remember: to make one cup of tea, you need 2.5gm of tealeaves.


Keep it strong, or make it light : Some of us enjoy a strong and bold cup of tea. While the rest of us like it light and delicate. To make either kind, you need to follow different brewing methods. To make your CTC chai strong, add 2.5gm of tealeaves to 200ml of boiling water. Brew this concoction for 5 minutes and you’ll get that strong and invigorating kick you’ve been looking for! For a light cup of CTC tea, you will have to cut down on the brew time. Which means adding 2.5gms of tealeaves to 200ml of boiling water and brewing for just about 3 minutes.


To add milk or not to add milk – that is a preference : The same applies for sugar too! If you plan to add milk to your tea, make sure you do that once your tea has been brewed. We recommend adding milk to a strong cup of CTC chai as milk tends to dilute the flavour of tea. Adding it to a light cuppa might make your tea taste too weak. You can add sugar too to a hot cup of brewed tea once the milk has been added. Just remember to add warm milk.


However you make it, stir your tea : Whether you like it light or strong, you absolutely must stir your tea while brewing it. Once you add tea leaves to fresh boiled water, the leaves will display the tendency to settle at the bottom of the kettle, causing them to burn. Stirring will prevent that and help you extract as much flavour as you can from the tealeaves.


Serve it right : Tea is best had at a warmer temperature of 65 degree Celsius. That’s not too hot to burn your tongue or not too cold to make it taste awful. It’s just right! Throw in your favourite cup and some snacks you love and you’ve got the key to enjoying the perfect cuppa of CTC chai!


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